Professional pool fence installation can spell the difference between an ordinary and a robust, aesthetically sound fence. Our industry experience enables us to advise you on the most durable and rust-resistant materials that will promote both the safety and aesthetics of your pool area. We expose you to the widest variety of styles, colours, and sizes that range from low-maintenance to high-end, to fit your lifestyle. You can count on A & K Fencing and Gates for quality swimming pool fencing solutions for your residence and your business too. Here are some of your options with new pool fence installations.

Steel and aluminium

Steel and aluminium are excellent options when you are working to a budget. Aluminium is popular because it is affordable and easy to maintain. Steel is sturdier but is more expensive than the aluminium option. However, it can form rust over time.

Frameless pool fencing

It gives you a blend of beauty and safety. You can opt for the 12mm glass, which we keep in place using stainless steel spigots.

Semi-frameless pool fencing

A & K Fencing and Gates use high-quality fixtures and fittings to give your pool a secure and professional finish. We use 10mm of toughened glass, which we install with aluminium within adjacent panels.

Glass pool fencing

Glass pool fencing is  more expensive to install but is highly durable and aesthetic. We let you choose the glass pool fencing according to your property’s curb appeal. . Avoid such situations by calling our professionals to take care of your pool fence installations and do the difficult work for you.