A pool inspector may have visited your property, provided a report, and recommended amendments that need to be made for your pool to become safe and compliant. That is where we come in; we can help you carry out the necessary pool fence repairs in the most cost-effective way.

Changes that make pool gates and fences non-compliant

Over time, wear and tear may occur at your home and render your pool fence non-compliant. Additionally, the type of pool fence you choose impacts its durability in the face of harsh climatic conditions. Possible changes that can render your pool fence non-compliant include:

  • The connection points may rust or become weak
  • Something new may have been installed in a nearby wall, and has created a step-up point
  • The gate’s self-closing mechanism stops working due to fatigue or age
  • Doors and entrances to an adjacent shed no longer meet the requirements
  • The latch stops working, forcing people to leave the gate open
  • Any landscape changes now affect the fence’s height

Factors that suggest your pool fence needs repairing:

  • Climbable indentations or projections less than 900mm from the pool fence
  • Artificial gaps beneath the fence greater than 100mm that may have resulted from movements like tree roots
  • Climbable objects within 1200mm of the fence’s top
  • The gate opens towards the swimming pool and the latch is reachable for small children

How A & K Fencing and Gates helps with repairs

Avoid headaches and call us to take care of your pool repairs and compliance. We can work with any budget to:

  • Install self-closing devices to doors and gates and put locks on windows
  • Adjust the climbable and other objects near the pool fence, for example, landscaping adjustments, pruning, or shielding. We will create a compliant Non-Climbable Zone (NCZ)
  • Carry out routine maintenance of the pool fence
  • Alter the position of the gate to ensure it opens away from the pool
  • Ensure that the gate hinges are at least 900mm apart
  • Provide you with a recent CPR sign to display at the pool area; dated 2010 or later
  • Ensure that there are no apparent hazards around the pool like protruding objects or nail tips
  • Determine whether your plants are too close to the pool fence
  • Ensure that the pool fence is strong enough and high enough
  • Close the gap under the fence or gate

Deal with non-compliance on your neighbour’s side of the fence, like asking to prune any offending branches from their compound.